Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A new journey and a few other things...

So since I've posted last Jeremy and I have moved onto adoption. Yes adoption scary and wonderful all at the same time. We aren't signed with an agency yet. But we have been looking at a few and we have settled on one called Everlasting Adoption. They are based out of CA. The only thing is you have to have money up front after you sign the contract and get accepted. So we have been planning several fundraisers and I've been making chocolate covered pretzel rods, pretzels and oreo's. I've also been making wreaths and other crafts I'll post pics. We have also started a face book page Hauger's Bundle of Joy Adoption Fundraising. We also have some handmade jewelry for sale as well.  So on July 28th we will be having our first fundraiser hoping for a great turn out it will be a spaghetti dinner. I will also be having a bake/craft sale at our local hertiage days. I also want to have a basket party. I'm also planning a photo shoot fundraiser and a zumba thon with a local instructor . And on top of all that I've been selling Thirty-One and I love it I'm having so much fun and I'm getting parties and meeting new people.  On another note I'm enjoying having TWO nephews now. They are both so cute. I just can't wait to have my own to spoil.  I'm going to the Kenny Chesney concert this weekend with my sister-in law Dianna. I also have to start seeing my hematologist again. Grr I've been doing so good with my iron and blood count but again it's down. Please keep praying for us on our new journey
Noah and Lil Eddie