Sunday, October 23, 2011

Pumpkins, Chicken nuggets, and Pjs

Eating chicken nuggets, mac and cheese and veggies

playing trucks with Uncle Jeremy

Grapes and Finding Nemo and Dino PJ's

Feeding the goats with Aunt Nannie

Feeding the goats with Uncle Jeremy

Does this pumpkin have candy Aunt Nannie

No candy

Happy 6th Bday Ollie

Playing in the Tub

Jeremy and I had gotten fall photos taken yesterday afternoon. When we get them back I will share a few. Also we got to spend the afternoon with Lil Eddie.  The weather was nice yesterday not raining for a change it was cool but not to bad, so we decided to go to the pumpkin patch. They had goats and cows. Eddie was so excited and had to say hi to everything.  He went through all the pumpkins and we let him choose he own which ever one is wanted big or small he chose a big one.  I can't wait until we can do this with our own little ones.  I'm trying to be patient and wait on god's plan but sometimes that easier said than done. If you have been through this you know what I mean.  Jeremy also changed his first diaper EVER last night and did a great job.  After the pumpkin patch we came home and I made dinner and Uncle Jeremy and Eddie played trucks, then we ate and it was tubby time then we attempted to watch finding nemo but he wouldn't sit still for very long.  I can't wait for my turn. Jeremy is taking me on a romantic date today and he won't tell me where we are going? Only time will tell where it is.  I'm excited.  It's also my fur baby Ollie's 6th birthday.   Time is share some photos from the day enjoy!

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  1. I love your pictures..what a great aunt you are and what a fantastic mother you will be! Hugs to you..I can't wait to hear where he is taking you..what a great husband you have!