Tuesday, July 24, 2012

I just wanted to update everyone. Since I went to get blood work on Saturday to see if the methotraxe shot was working. Instead of my levels going down they went up well in fact they doubled. Which they shouldn't be doing. I was also have some pain. So in the afternoon the doctor had called me to see how I was feeling etc. She told me if the pain got any worse to go to the hospital. SO I had been up all night with pain I finally decided to let Jeremy take me to the hospital. So we went to Magee and I more blood work and another ultra sound. The baby was getting bigger and if I didn't come in when I did my tube could have burst. So I had emergency surgery and they had to remove my only working tube that I have. I'm angry, sad, and allot more just not in the mood to explain more. I just can't put my head around this whole thing. Why me all I want is to be a mommy. I know the adoption funding is slow right now but I know it will happen just not as fast as I want it to. 


  1. Oh Shannon...I am so very sorry. I had no idea...I wish I could give you a big hug right now. I wish I could say something to take this pain away..life just seems so unfair sometimes...hugs..