Wednesday, January 9, 2013

So much to blog about and just haven't had the time or the energy to do so. So much has gone on since I've blogged here last which was October. I don't know if I have mentioned or talked about the changes that we were going through here. Jeremy and I decided to become foster parents. We had to take classes and trainings and such, have a home study done. If you have never had a home study done they look at everything in your home it's like a total inspection plus. Anyways we passed with flying colors. We got the room ready. I got a set of bunk beds and matching bedding set up. About 3 days after we got our first call about getting a boy he was 4. We were excited but he only stayed with us for 4 days it just didn't work for us he had major issues with his temper ect. Plus I was recovering from losing our fifth baby during this time as well.  So I was so happy to have someone to take care, we also had Jeremy's gram living with us she goes to Arizona after Christmas. About 8 days after our first child went to another home I got a call while our shopping at the craft store. This call changed us for the next 7 weeks in a great way. We got 2 girls ages 4&7 and a little boy age 3. This was the most challenging and wonderful time that we have ever experienced in our life. I finally got to hear someone call me mommy. It was wonderful. Our family was complete for the time being. Going from just the two of us and our two dogs was an adjustment but we handled it well. My hubby even changed diapers  which was something that he had never done before and he was a great dad and help.  We played games, watched kid friendly movies(which we did anyways) cartoons, went to the playground took them to church. A first for us was taking them to see Santa it was the best to see them light up going to the mall and doing something that they weren't use to. We loved them all. I loved being needed.  I got my first two homemade Christmas ornaments it was great and made me cry.  But on the Friday before Christmas the county that they were from decided to move them we were crushed and our family was gone our holiday was ruined.  So it's been almost three weeks and it's just so quiet in the house with no little giggles and toys and can you read us a book or can we go play in the snow. I miss being needed I miss mommy can I have this or that. I just miss them. I'm hoping that we get another placement soon.  I'm so board. Our adoption fund is going slow and I wish that it would go faster I just want to be someones mom and I want to see my hubby smile and act like a kid again it was great. Please say a prayer or two for us

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