Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Next Big Step

I've been so emotional in the last few weeks.  I finally got my results back from the Mayo Clinic from our baby. The problem again this time was chromosomes that didn't mesh well with each other. So I'm wondering if this is going to be an ongoing thing with us? I pray everyday that is doesn't happen again. We have taken some big steps in the last 2 weeks since losing another baby. OH I almost forgot I'm not sure what the sex of this recent baby was but I had a feeling it was a girl so I named for Lucy. Getting back to the big steps that we are taking...We are scheduled to see a new Reproductive endocrinologist tomorrow morning. I'm very nervous about this. What is he going to tell us? Can he help us have our baby that we get to keep.  Will this be an easy fix? I have so many things running through my head that it feels like its going to bust. Also we have begun filling out paperwork to adopt a child. There is so much that they want to know about us our families ect. ect. It's all so overwhelming. But I know that God will help us through this process. If this is what it takes to be a mommy I'll do it.  I got a call from my cousin last night well she is more like my sister. But anyways she told me that she is willing to be a surrogate or an egg donor if we need to take that step. That is such a wonderful gift to give someone. How do you thank someone enough for doing such a great deed. I just hope that one day I could repay her for this if need be. I have such great family and friends some old friend and some wonderful new friends that are so supportive and I thank you all for that and love you all so much. So keep us in your prayers for tomorrow's appointment. I'll post again tomorrow about what we find out and what our next steps will be.


  1. Hugs! FX for your appt to go well! Let me know how it goes!

  2. Hugs to you..what a wonderful gift your cousin is willing to give you. I have always thought that surrogacy is a wonderful thing, but I'm not sure my leg is cut out for much more even though I had the surgery on it to help with the blood flow..I am praying that all goes well for you, and you know that you can always count on me for support!! Much love you to!!