Thursday, December 1, 2011

I feel like I'm a bench warmer. You know like one on a high school team that doesn't get to play much they just sit and watch everyone else "play".  That exactly how I feel in this journey of TTCing. I feel like I'm watching everyone else get pregnant and have babies.  I want it to be my turn. I know that is selfish to some people but that's how I feel.  I'm out again this month I got my period again this month 3 days early it was early last month too. Well I knew that we werent' pregnant this month beacuse we hadn't really tired.  But I still get so darn upset and discouraged when it shows up.  If you are trying to get pregnant you know how that feels.  I have all the christmas decorations and the tree up but I'm not sure I'm in the christmas spirit. All I want"wanted" for christmas, valentines day, easter, my upcoming 30th birthday is to be pregnant and have a baby.  But on the other hand my sister and I made ornaments with pictures on the inside she also helped me make a fleece blanket.  I also wanted to share some of our Christmas photos we had taken this year.  Hope you enjoy
Jeremy and I this is my favorite

Our little Family with Ollie and Minnie

Family Photo(L-R) (Amanda, Lil Eddie, Eddie, April, Me and Jeremy)

Lil Eddie

Lil Eddie and Minnie

My brother and his family(Amand, Eddie, and Lil Eddie)


  1. <3 hugs. The benchwarmer analogy is perfect. Its exactly like that. I hate months we don't really try, we were like that last month too ugh. We're hoping to kick it into high gear this cycle though because then my testing day would be a day before Christmas...what a present that would be...praying hard, but desperately trying not to get my hopes up! Have you talked to your doctor about your period coming early? Maybe you need more progesterone?? HUGS me if you need me!

  2. I'm so sorry Shannon..the holidays are always tough for me too..I know that 2012 is your year..maybe you can have a September baby too..2010 was so horrible for me right from the start, and 2011 started out with a bang so hopefully you find 2012 is like that for you. Praying for you and thinking of you always..Much love...