Friday, December 16, 2011

I'm slowing finding that I'm not alone in this whole grieving process.  I'm slowing learning that it's ok to be sad. It's ok to be angry. I'm looking forward to a new year that hopefully holds some possibilities for Jeremy and I.  I wanted to write about something that really has me really upset. Tmz has called the Duggar baby photos a fetal corps. That is just wrong to me a baby is a baby no matter if the baby is 4 weeks or full term. I feel so bad for the Duggar's. Yes when I first found out that they were having another baby I was like they already have 19. And I can't even seem to have one.  But a lose of a baby at any stage of development is terrible. The organization NILMDTS(Now I lay me down to sleep) I think is a wonderful thing. I have saw so many wonderful photo's of babies that are just plain beautiful.  What the photographers due for the families is give them a lasting memory of their perfect baby. That is something that a family should not be ashamed of or have to hide. If I could have used them I totally would have done that. But I never made it that far with any of my pregnancies.

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