Monday, August 8, 2011

YAY!!! Surgery is over. Today is the first day that I could finally think clearly and starting to feel somewhat normal.  I'm starting to feel better which I hope is a good thing.  So the surgery it's self went great. Thanks for all the prayers and thoughts it really means alot.  So for the surgery we had to be at the hospital at 7:15 am for prep. Well we sat and sat for what seemed to be forever they finally called me in. The first nurse that I had was super nice I really liked her. I was really nervous to begin with but she made me feel comfortable and calm. The she finished asking all the questions and then she says time for the IV. UGH!!! But then she says I have a numbing shot first and you won't feel a thing. And she was so right I didn't feel anything. Then all the other people came and went and we sat for about 45 mins and then my doctor came in to see us and talked about what we were gonna do.  I received a shot to relax me and I was wisked away to the OR. After a kiss from my hubby of course.  I remember going to the OR doors and sliding over onto the table after that I don't remember anything.  I was told that the septum was totally removed and I had some scarring on my right tube from the eptopic that was taken care of plus I uterine tissue on the outside of my uterus that he also repaired.  2 hours later I remember waking up(semi-awake) in recovery saying that I had to go to the bathroom. So the second nurse I had for the day comes over to the bed sets me up really fast rips all the cords off of me and rips me out of bed.  I started to vomit sorry TMI. She starts to yell at me and throws me back into bed and attaches everything again and say lay here we will have to go later since your sick. I mean come on it's not my fault.  So about an hour later I got another nurse he was really nice and he took me to the bathroom and into another part of the recovery. There I finally got to see Jeremy.  I was in this part for about another 1 and a half and then I was sent home.  I slept the car ride home until I had to go  to the bathroom we stopped at McDonalds in greensburg my sister had to help me I could hardly walk cause I was still totally out of it.  I went back to the car and slept and everyone else ate. About 20 mins later we had to stop again.  Then we were finally home I was beginng to feel really sore. I slept for the next 6 hours for some soup and more pain meds and went to sleep again. I did this until friday. Saturday we finally got out of the house yay!! well I'm still so sore but we are out. Sunday we went to dinner and got ice-cream.  I'm finally able to shower on my own but no driving until after I'm off the pain meds.  My nephew says Nannies boo is yucky. LOL leave it to him.  I won't know anything else until we go back on the 24th. The waiting is going to kill me.


  1. I am so glad that it is all over for you, but I wish you had a nicer nurse when you weren't feeling so well..not fair! I am glad you are starting to feel a bit better..I have been thinking about you and praying for you every day! Much love..

  2. I'm so glad you made it through okay. I would totally write a letter or strongly worded email to that hospital about that nurse though, that's ridiculous that she treated you like that AND acted like that right after you had a serious surgery!!!

    I am still praying for you. Keep me updated about everything!