Tuesday, September 20, 2011

As Thursday gets closer and closer I'm having alot of anxiety. I'm going for my SHG hopefully the last one fingers crossed and we will get the result of my blood work that I had earlier this month considering my FSH level and my ovarian reserve. I'm praying for great results. Then we will know if we get the green light to TTC. I've been driving myself totally nuts worrying about this that I've actually gotten hives. Everyone is telling me that it will be fine but they just really don't get the whole thing unless you have been through what I have and other girls that I know. Unless you have experienced the loss of a baby in anyway you don't get it.  I belong to a club that nobody wants to be apart of.  But I'm so privileged to have the support of some wonderful people that know exactly how I feel and what I'm going through. I love you all for that. I really don't know where I would be without you.  You are all strong beautiful women.  I'll also be praying for one of my good friends and you know who you are as she gets induced tomorrow to have her rainbow baby. 

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  1. Thanks sweetie..I know that you are going to get fantastic news tomorrow! Please keep me posted!!! Many hugs and a lot of love!!