Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My cycle started on Sunday so no positive test for us this time. So the start of my cycle means that I scheduled my SHG(Feb 2). Oh how I really dislike those.  We have also decided on which stimulate injection we are going to be taking. Gonal-F.  We have done some research and we like this one better.  I'm glad that I call the insurance company back if I use the speciality mail order pharmacy the injections are totally covered except for the $25 copay.  Thank god he had answered our prayers on that one because if we don't use the mail order pharmacy they aren't covered and we would have to pay out of pocket and that price is crazy. So with my next start of my next cycle which should be after valentines day I'll start poking myself not looking forward to that but if what I have to do I'll do it.

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  1. They aren't all that bad...I got so good at doing them that Mike wouldn't even have to pull over anymore.:). I promise you that all is going to be fine....many hugs and much much love!