Sunday, January 8, 2012

There are so many things that I want to write about.  So please bare with me.  The holidays were a world wind they sure went by so fast at least I thought so. Now its the new year already 2012.  We celebrated new years eve with family. We made lots of food and played some board games and also some just dance. If any of you have ever played just dance it a great workout.  I have just dance and just dance 2, I had gotten my sister just dance summer hits and it's a blast I recommend to try it if you haven't. I've spent the last week in going back and forth to the hospital. Jeremy's gram is there so I've been there with her for 8 hrs a day then home for about 1 hr and then back for another 4 or so hours. I'm so tired that is an understatement.  I also worked this weekend I haven't slept much at all so 16 hours of work with like 5 hours of sleep equals fail.  So after work today I was about to get about a 3 hour nap I feel better.  I partly feel that I haven't been sleeping do to stress and worrying.  I'm worried about Jeremy's gram. Plus I go back to the RE on thrusday. This is an appointment to talk about some ferlitly drugs. EEKKK. I'm so nevrous and scared all at the sametime. I'll update after the appointment.    I've been told that 2012 is going to "our" year.  I'm really starting to feel that it is. Fingers crossed and lots of prayers. 
Jeremy and I

Jeremy, Me and my brother

Lil Eddie found some cat ears

Sound alseep and so cute        

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  1. I am so sorry about Jeremy's Gran..will be praying for her! I will also be praying for you as always..even more so with your upcoming appointment..keep me posted! I miss you too!! We need to catch up!! Take care of yourself and get some rest...