Thursday, May 5, 2011

Some answers

Well I wrote in about going to the RE on Sunday May 1 for blood work. Well I got a call from the nurse yesterday. I instantly got a sinking feeling and started to cry as I was sitting in the grocery store parking lot.  She said that my FSH levels were very elevated they like to see them under 10 and mine are 15. I asked if there is any treatment for this. She said that the doctor wants me to repeat the cycle day 3 blood work again with my next cycle and we are to resume with the other testing to.  The nurse told me that there is medication that I could take if the test levels are high again.  Well I'm still broken sometimes its better not knowing until everything comes back. Now I'm going to worry until June when we see the doctor again. It also makes me think if this test came back with bad results what else is wrong with me? Praying and Praying is all I can do.  On the bright side I received the gift bag from Megan and it was all so sweet and thoughtful. Plus I got my mother's day bouquet from the swap too.


  1. I'm sorry Shannon..any bad news is awful. I can remember when I was diagnosed with don't want something to be wrong, but if you don't know what is wrong then you can't fix it right? At least it is something that can be fixed if need be..I wonder if they could be elevated because of the miscarriage too or maybe even because of other reasons..maybe something simple that might not even show up next time around! Just know I am praying for you always..I'm here if you need anything! Much love..