Friday, June 3, 2011

Tonight my baby sister graduates high school.  I'm so very proud of her for the strong, wonderful, beautiful young woman that she has grown up to be. I love her more than she will know. I had written about dreading going to her graduation because of all the drama..Well I'm very stressed about going but I know that I have to go because it's her day it's not about me or anyone else. I'm not looking foward to seeing my so called "mother" sorry if that offends anyone. but she was never a real mother to any of us.  And some of things that she was saying to my sister  today is really uncalled for. I mean how could someone be so rude and demeaning to your own child. I feel so bad for my sister she doesn't need any of the drama.  I basically raise her and I told her lastnight if she is the only child that I "have" I'm so very proud of her. I'm really gonna need the tissues tonight.   I'm also stressing because our next RE appointment is coming up and I'm scared of what he is going to tell us. Please keep praying.

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  1. What a wonderful "mother" you have been to her..she is lucky to have you in her life..I hope it went well and that there wasn't too much drama! I continue to pray for your upcoming appointment! Miss you!!