Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Just a little update the shots are going well. However I'm black and blue all over my belly. I went today for another round of blood work and an ultrasound. Both came back very good.  I have to get another shot tonight and go back tomorrow morning for an set of blood work. Since we are having and IUI done I'm guessing they will tell me when that is going to happen at tomorrows appointment. Also a little well not so little thing that happened today when I went to the RE I was told that I owed 1,700.00 for the IUI and I was shocked. Someone from the office was to call me and tell me that but they didn't so they are letting us pay in installments thank god. No all I need is some prayers that this is the cycle that it works.


  1. Praying, praying, praying that this works for you..our insurance never covered IUI either..It can get so expensive..I am sorry I have been MIA..I have been really busy, and I can barely find time to keep up with my reading on here..I think about you and pray for you daily though..Much love and baby dust..

  2. Praying Praying Praying so hard for you!