Friday, March 23, 2012

One Year, Two Years and more

Where do I begin yesterday was a year since I lost Lucy the last time I was pregnant. How can a year go by so fast. Well it did and I can't change that, it will happen again and again. I went to the RE again yesterday got another round of blood work and another ultrasound. Both came back great. The nurse called and said no more Gonal-F shots and onto the Trigger shot.  When my order was delivered and I opened that box last week and saw the trigger shot needle I thought on no look at that needle. But when Jeremy gave me the shot it was just like the shots I've been getting all week.  So Saturday at 9 am is my IUI. I'm nervous, scared, and excited all at the same time. Just hoping and praying that this works.  So today is two years ago today that I lost Baby H.  Two years where did that time go? I can see you in my  mind with strawberry blonde curls and daddy's smile. Prayers appreciated :)

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