Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Needles and Shots

Well our journey begins. By this I mean that we are starting our shots this cycle. I will be starting them tomorrow after I see the RE to have my day 4 blood work and an ultrasound.  I'm super nervous about this yes I have 2 tattoos and I'm very afraid of needles. The nurse told me that getting an IV hurts worse than what the shot are going to feel like. We go to choose between Follistim and Gonal-F. We did some research and chose to do Gonal-F. We got the pre filled pens. The UPS man delivered a giant box today. In the box was the a sharps  box, alcohol wipes, Gonal-F pens, a trigger shot, and progesterone suppositories and a DVD.  Now looking at all this stuff that I took out of the box I was like holy moly. I texted Jeremy a photo of all the stuff and all he said was that looks serious. I will have more to update as the week goes on. Here is a photo of what came out of the box! Prayers greatly appreciated

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